Google ne traiterait pas les nouvelles extensions de façon spécifique

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John Mueller

John Mueller, from Google Zurich, just said on a forum that Google took into account the new extensions (.web, .movie, .search …) as any generic extension (.com, .net,. org), even if they contain geographic information (.paris, .alsace, .bzh …). No need to hope for an SEO advantage by using them. For the moment…

We know that, for some time, many new extensions (.web, .dance, .paris, .alsace, .bzh, .mail, etc.) are or will be available soon. Matt Cutts said in March 2012 that Google would treat them « trying to get as much information as possible » (short, Matt Cutts in the text :-)).

In a discussion on the Google Webmaster Forum, John Mueller (Google Zurich, see photo below), which often provides much more precise guidance in terms of SEO, explains: « we are currently treating the new TLDs as gTLDs, Even if they sound like they may be region-specific (eg .berlin). If they are in the meantime, you should be aware of this. be able to set geotargeting manually for these TLDs. « 

Clearly, these new extensions are currently treated by Google as generic extensions (.com, .net, .org), so without any real semantic meaning, even if they have a geographical connotation (.berlin, .paris, .alsace,. bzh …). But he explains that if, experimentally, these extensions prove to be totally specific to a given region and if it can bring a « plus » in terms of relevance, this analysis could be reconsidered in the future. But for the moment, it is not so. Visit to for more information.

The conclusion is clear: do not wait for these new extensions they improve your SEO. We already knew it strongly, but things are clearer now …
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  • Consultant SEO Paris


    Je ne pense vraiment pas que l’extension ait un rôle de prépondérance SEO hormis quelques variations pour le SEO local (un .fr sera peut-être mieux classé qu’un .ch sur une requête faite en France).
    Après les extensions exotiques peuvent avoir un intérêt marketing (un NDD avec est très parlant !) Mais risque de ne pas être mieux classé que les autres !


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